The app OTAGO classic is a digital version of the evidence-based fall prevention home exercise program Otago. You can download OTAGO classic with Otago Exercise Programme to your smartphone. The exercise program has evidence-based fall preventive effects and can be adjusted to your ability.

Choose your own level of difficulty

You can adjust the exercise program by choosing what exercises you want to include in your program and how much support you want to use.


The exercise is structured, and the program includes different exercises for leg strength and dynamic balance exercises. The exercises in the program are recommended to be performed

three times a week and your program is expected to take about 30 minutes.

Exercise at home

OTAGO classic is an individually adjustable exercise program for older adults over the age of 65. The program doesn’t require a lot of equipment, which makes it perfect for exercising in your home.

Walks are encouraged in the program, and both exercises and walks are registered in the app. You register your motivation through self-appraisal in the app.