The app OTAGO exercise professional is a digital version of the evidence-based fall prevention home exercise program Otago that is aimed towards professional OEP educated trainers. Proffessional. A test version can be downloaded from google play. Unfortunately, the app is not ready, so it is not possible to buy licenses yet. The exercise program has evidence-based fall preventive effects and can be adjusted to the users ability.

Note that these screen shots are from Otago Classic and will be exchanged asap.

Choose your own level of difficulty


The application includes both exercise and motivational features and can be adjusted according to level of support, individual adjusted exercises, repetitions, sets and use of ankle weights. 

Sponsor Otgago Exercise Professional


To be able continue the final developments of the app, we need new sponsors. Are you interested in sponsoring Otago Professional? Contact

Follow up 

The follow ups can be done with an iCloud service, which makes it possible to adjust and follow up the exercise digitally at a distance. The adjusted exercise program can be printed out if needed. Information about when this is available will come when the app is ready. Unfortunately, the final developments of the Otago Exercise Professional app is delayed.