Marna Arkkukangas, director att Research and Development in Sörmland, a researcher specialising in fall prevention and behavioral medicine started a project in 2017 to develop the m-Otago application.

The idea was to involve users in the usability assessment to develop the application. The hypothesis was that if exercise was delivered by technology it could positively influence health behaviour, including adherence.


Therefore, seniors and physiotherapists were invited to collaborate with researchers and designers in the development the application.

Classic and Professional

The collaboration resulted in the Otago classic application, an app designed for older adults. The application is a simple version of the OEP and can be used without support from a professional OEP educated trainer. The app can be downloaded from Google play to any Android mobile phone.


Another result was the Otago professional application, an app designed for professional OEP educated trainers

to individually adjust exercises to each user. The application includes both exercise and motivational features and can be adjusted according to level of support, individually adjusted exercises, repetitions, sets and use of ankle weights. The follow ups can be done with an iCloud service, which makes it possible to adjust and follow up the exercise digitally and at a distance. The adjusted exercise program can be printed out if needed. This version will be available late in 2019.