Otago exercise programme (OEP) is an evidence-based home training program for elderly people with reduced strength and balance. Reduced strength and balance are two key causes for most falls among seniors. Otago has proved to prevent the risk of falling by up to 36 %.

User focus

The objective of a user focused developing process was to achieve as high a level of user friendliness as possible. The process involved testing and evaluating together with the users. This method makes it more likely that the end users will like and use the finished product.

The result generated through this project could be an effective tool in fall prevention, which in turn will benefit the individual, the health care system and the whole society. The app is expected to be ready in the spring of 2019.

 Marina Arkkukangas, responsible researcher from FoU i Sörmland

An increasing number of seniors use digital solutions in their everyday life, different apps for different purposes. Few seniors today have access to fall preventive training, many don’t know who to ask or what type of training that is effective for fall prevention.

Fall preventive application

An app for fall preventive training could be an alternative for those who are interested in, and have the possibility to use, digital solutions. That way fall preventive training would be more available than it is today.

Participants and creators

All in all, 15 seniors and three physical therapists participated in workshops and interviews. Thanks to these interviews and workshops the app could be developed and also tested by seniors in their home environment.

Important aspects were clear instructions with images, sound and text. Now images have been replaced by animations to make the program’s movements as easy to perform correctly as possible.